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We are dedicated in helping businesses implement complex software solutions.

We are well positioned to offer our services to clients in different industries and of different sizes.

We are building scalable systems that are leveraging our clients business potential.

  • We are constantly seeking innovation and customer satisfaction.
  • We have a passion for technology.
  • We provide results.

Big Data

  • Semi-Structured Data
  • Unstructured Data
  • Data Analysis
  • Unstructured Content
  • Text Analytics
  • Concept Extraction
  • Decision Making
  • Massive Volume
  • Semantic Metadata
  • Zettabyte


We provide expert consulting services in the Big Data field including assessment, optimization and deployment on private or public clouds.

Technical Solutions

We are tackling Big Data challenges across domains. We offer custom support as per client requirements.


We are committed to building effective and high performance systems, and delivering unparalleled business value to our clients.


Big Data analytics is an innovative approach that leverages existing massive data repositories found in many organizations.